Act. Today.

We are looking for 120 people, willing to support action for Palestine.

It's that simple.

What we are trying to do...

We want to correct misinformation, end demonisation of Palestinians and stop the delegitimisation of the Palestinian cause. We want to help win the war on ideas, and give Palestine a well-needed voice.

Ultimately, we want to tackle the propaganda put out by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and it's affiliated bodies.

Why bother?

Sure, tackling propaganda put out by a state can seem impossible to tackle, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't do something.

Israeli propaganda makes Palestinians seem like reckless, heartless monsters. They focus on the one bad guy, while making everyone ignore the hundred civilians harmed by military action.

So why bother? Because we must.

So what are you actually going to be doing?

Glad you asked.

Frankly, it all depends on how many people we can get onboard to support us.

Our ideal goal is to replicate the work of "Act for Israel" - this is a multi-million dollar project that aims to mobilise pro-Israel supporters online.

What we want to do is simple:

  • Recruit 120 monthly supporters
  • Create a proper website and app
  • Recruit between 1,000 - 5,000 online activists
  • Send out daily "missions" to our online activists

These daily missions will be tasks like commenting on a Facebook post, send out a tweet, send an email to your local parliament member.

We want to create properly researched facts, infographics and videos - things that our activists can easily copy and paste...just what the other side does.

Imagine this...

Right now, when a broadcaster like the BBC puts out a programme that may remotely seem pro-Palestinian, it takes about 50 or so viewers to complain to the BBC to get it to put out a statement.

Imagine the reaction from the BBC if 500 of our activists write to them.

We want to make it so that broadcasters and national newspapers think twice about the way they portray Palestinians.

What will it all cost?

We know that Israel spent at least $570,000 to develop it's Act for Israel app. And it has an annual budget of at least $72 million for it's propaganda.

We know we can't match that level of funding. But we know that our message, the message of right, can have a great impact with a fraction of the funding.

Given that Israel is having to spend $72 million just to tackle what people are saying online right now, imagine how much it would have to spend if we were actually organised!

At this stage, our ideal funding is £150,000 per year, with an intial set-up cost of £50,000.

Of course as we grow, our annual budget will change.